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 Special Effects

Prices subject to change without notice. Written quotations valid for 60 days from date of quotation. *Items may be subject to MAP Pricing. Please contact a sales representative for more information. Visit our Company Directory here.


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Reel EFX DF-50 Fog Machine
DF Fluid, Gallon
DF Fluid, 55 gal. drum



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Little Blizzard XT and XTSP

Super Foam Dome


ShotMax Launcher

Bubble Max Auto Fill

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G3000 Fog Effects Generator

LSG MKII Low Smoke Generator

Dry Icer

Radiance Haze Machine
True North Snow Machine
Versa Fan

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Mini-V Fog Machine

PF-1000 Pencil Fogger


Vapour Fog Machine

Vapour Plus Fog Machine

Rosco Fog Fluids
Rosco Fog Fluid, Stage & Studio Fluid, Rosco Clear Fog Fluid
Rosco Light Fog Fluid
Hazemaker Fluid

Flicker Candles


Professional Flicker Candle, 17 1/2" long by 1 1/2" diameter, includes 4' lead
Self-Contained, 9 3/4" tall, realistic stem and dripping wax, on/off switch and connection for 9-volt battery
Wired Stem, 9 3/4" with 4' lead
Basic Module, 4' long unit with pins for wiring to power source; ideal for custom units
Custom Candles
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