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  Lamps and Lighting Fixture Accessories

TSC carries the largest stock of stage and studio lamps in the Southwest. Our main suppliers are Osram/Sylvania and Ushio. If by some chance we do not have a particular lamp in stock, we can locate it for you in a timely fashion. The majority of theatrical lamps are identified by a three-letter ANSI code. This code is the same for a particular lamp, no matter who the manufacturer is. For example, BTL is a 500 quartz watt lamp primarily used in fresnels. Some of the newer styles of lamps have a combination of three letters and numbers for their code, such as HPL575/115X, used in the Source Four™ ellipsoidal and PAR. TSC stocks thousands of stage and studio lamps. Listed below is a sampling of our most popular lamps. Call for pricing if you don't see what you need.

Prices subject to change without notice. Written quotations valid for 60 days from date of quotation. *Items may be subject to MAP Pricing. Please contact a sales representative for more information. Visit our Company Directory here.

Alu PAR $26.00
BTL $19.00
BTN $21.00
BTR $22.00
BVT $36.00
BVV $37.00
BVW $54.00
CYV $51.00
CYX $33.00
EGE $22.00
EGG $21.00
EGJ $24.00
EGK $33.00
EHD $18.00
EHG $19.00
EJG $11.00
ENX $12.00
EYC $3.00
FCM $8.00
FEL $14.00
FFT $13.00
FHM $8.00
FLE $17.00
GLA or HP600X (long life) $19.00
GLC  or HP600 $19.00
Hx600 or FLK $20.00
Hx601 or FLK/LL $20.00
HPL375/115 $20.00
HPL375/115x $20.00
HPL575/115 $17.00
HPL575/115X $14.00
HPL575/120 $18.00
HPL575/120X $23.00
HPL750/115 $19.00
HPL 750/115x $19.00
  Lighting Fixture Accessories
Drop-in Irises
S4 $82.00
S4 Junior $82.00
Strand SL $110.00
Selecon Pacific $110.00
S4 Par, ParNel $55.00
Pattern holders
S4 "A", "B", "M" size $7.00
SL, 360Q, Shakespeare, Selecon Pacific "B" size $8.00
S4 Glass $10.00
S4 Glass 86mm (iris slot) $18.00
SL, 360Q, Shakespeare Glass $10.00
S4 Glass Junior $8.00
S4, SL, Shakespeare, Selecon $7.00
360Q, 6" ellipsoidal $8.00
S4 10 degree, SL 10 degree $10.00
S4 5 degree, SL 5 degree $13.00
Color Frames
S4, SL, Shakespeare, Selecon  $5.00
6" Ellipsoidal $4.00
S4 Zoom, S4 Par, S4 ParNel $6.00
S4 10 degree, SL 10 degree $11.00
S4 5 degree, SL5 degree $18.00
Par 64 $7.00
City Theatrical Stackers  
6.25" $17.00
7.5" $19.00
10"  $28.00
12"  $34.00
14" $53.00
Safety Cables $3.00
Malleable Iron C-Clamps $11.00
The Light Source Mega Clamp, black $9.00
  See Terms for complete ordering info.