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  Dimming and Control Products

Prices subject to change without notice. Written quotations valid for 60 days from date of quotation. *Items may be subject to MAP Pricing. Please contact a sales representative for more information. Visit our Company Directory here.



Element 40, 250 channels $6,195.00*
Element 40, 500 channels $6,730.00*
Element 60, 250 channels $7,645.00*
Element 60, 500 channels $8,180.00*

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Call for pricing.

SmartFade 1248   $1,850.00*
SmartFade 1296   $2,150.00*
SmartFade 2496   $2,350.00*
SmartFade ML      $3,500.00*

Unison Controls

Unison Architectural Controls

Unison Paradigm Architectural Software
Unison Paradigm Touchscreens

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Sensor+ Installation Racks
Sensor Dimmer Modules

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Sensor+ Portable Packs
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Sensor+ Touring Racks
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Unison DR Series Dimming Rack
Unison Dimmer Modules
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SmartPack Portable Packs

SmartPack SL620   $1,358.00*
SmartPack SL1210   $2,225.00*

SmartPack Wall Mount

6 x 20A   $2,420.00*
12 x 10A   $2,750.00*

SmartPack Touring Systems


6 circuit, 3 phase cable in   $1,645.00*
4 circuit, 1x20A cable in   $1,040.00*

SmartBar 2

4 circuit (with Edison, twistlock or stagepin)    $1,040.00*
6 circuit with (Edison, twistlock or stagepin)   $1,755.00*

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