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  Call our toll-free number 1-800-292-7490, contact us via e-mail or Fax 210-684-4557.


Richard Mecke

Stephen G. Surratt
Chief Operating Officer/GM

Ron Fairchild
Chief Financial Officer

To contact any of the Executive Leadership, please contact info@texasscenic.com

Service Department

Michael Land
Field Service Manager

Patrick Crossland
Service Technician

Devin McFarlane
Service Technician


Joel Guerra
Director of Engineering and Services

Quotation Specialist:

Robert Freabe


Chris Retzloff

Safety Coordinator

Russ Gevertz

Rigging Inspections

Russell Solomon

Front Sales Department
(Portable Dimming & Control Systems, Fixtures, Paint, Hardware, Color Media, Special Effects and Lamps)

Cristina Rodriguez
Front Sales Manager

Denise Vega
Front Sales Associate

Outside Sales Department
(Stage Curtains, Rigging, Orchestra Shells & Pit Lifts, Staging Platforms, Dimming & Control, Fixture Packages, Systems Integration)

John Owens
Vice President/Sales
Territory:  North Texas (including Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth) Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Northern Louisiana (Shreveport) *

Roy Harline
Territory: West Texas, South Texas (including San Antonio), New Mexico, and South Louisiana (New Orleans) *

Paul Copenhaver
Territory: Southeast Texas (including Houston) *

Mid-Atlantic Sales Office
Steven Siegmund
Territory: Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia. *

Houston Sales Office
Heather Short
Sales Associate

* Texas Scenic does selectively bid and take on jobs outside of the stated territories. Please contact the salesperson that is closest to your territory for more information.

Janie Johnson
Executive Assistant

Project Managers:
Patrick Surratt
Larry Alonzo
Adam Ballard
Guillermo Guerra
Ethan Lobo (Mid-Atlantic Sales Office)